Cannabis and the Cancer Industry

Citizens of the World,

There is a disease of which you are all aware, that has plagued humankind throughout the ages.  It is a terrible affliction, called Cancer. As far back as we have been able to look into the past, we have found evidence of its existence.  In recent history, this disease has become more prevalent and more notorious a killer. You may have heard someone say, “These days, everything causes Cancer”.

In 2008, 7.6 Million deaths across the globe were directly due to the disease, and that number has been and is expected to continue to rise every year. This is a huge burden upon our healthcare systems that also weighs heavily on our hearts. The loss of any human life is a shame, but 1 out of every 8 deaths coming from a single cause is nothing less than a tragedy.  For decades people have donated what they’ve been able to, to the effort of finding a cure. As the death toll increases though, it’s apparent that these undertakings have done little to stop this trend.

^^ 2012s Expected New Cases of Cancer, in the U.S. alone. ^^

Aside from Cancer accompanying us throughout our existence on Earth, there has been another companion of ours, which has acted as a counter agent: the Cannabis plant. Although, due to its modern legal prohibition, marijuana’s anti-cancer properties have been made hard to research. The results are nonetheless miraculous! Consider the case of young Cashie Hyde, whom without the plant’s oil would’ve died.


What these facts bring into question is the legitimacy of our purported search for a cure, when there already exists one that naturally occurs.  Rather than trying to cure a person after they’ve become diseased, we could take a preventative approach to Cancer. People could grow Cannabis plants in their own homes, and keep themselves from becoming Cancer patients! Can you imagine all of the pain, suffering and lives that could be saved?

There are forces though that would keep us from achieving this reality. I am speaking of the profiteers of our illness, the perpetuators of our poor health and the designers of our deaths. Follow the money trail. They are Big Business. They are the Cancer Industry, an enemy of We The People, and one of the reasons Cannabis is still illegal.


A toke a day keeps the doctor away


9 thoughts on “Cannabis and the Cancer Industry

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  2. Reblogged this on AfterAmerica's Blog and commented:
    My mother died of Lung Cancer in 2011. My father died of bone marrow cancer and diabetes in 2004. Basically we are what we eat…so it comes down to diet. The first time I tried cannabis I was 34 years of age. I’ll admit I do still smoke it once a week because I know that the THC plays a role in protecting me from Lung Cancer. Now if you look at the Chem-Trails plus the higher levels of radiation… can’t tell me it’s bad for me. Check out this blog post. The worst thing you have to deal with — with a terminal illness is pain and no single drug does a better job than Cannabis.

  3. Anons over the world, and closer to home: Please contact me. I work as the backdoor manager and the country’s Cannabis expert, for the only Cannabis Social Club in Belgium.
    This is THE place to start spreading the legalising virus to the world. Why? Can’t tell you over here. If you want a breaktrough, let me know, we can surely help! Best regards, Domi

  4. i have scoliosis and i suffer from severe back pain that gets bad enough i have trouble walking most days , and i have tried many prescription pills and none of them seem to get rid of the pain just temporaraly fix it , lately ive tried cannibis and only two hits off of a onie and i feel no pain for an entire day and night and am able to walk around with no problem

  5. I have first hand proof of the reduction of tumors that I have had. I had salivary cancer,I had two surgeries to remove both large salivary glands on both sides of my face,the incisions were just below my ears. Since that time,I have had others there pop out,and have reduced them by smoking pot. My doctors are aware of how I was able to do this,but still they will not prescribe it for me,and I live in Canada,Quebec to be more specific. They know of this treatment,but they,because of their traditional medical training will still not. What a crime really this is. I have a liver that is being watched,and it is spreading. Smoking strong weed helps a lot,but what I need is oil. I have a good friend who’s mother also came down with cancer,and he was fortunate enough to find a compassionate source that sold him capsules filled with strong oil of plant for one dollar each. The problem for me is that I cannot find a source here,he lives in Seattle. I am searching,but time is running out for me,and I have two teenage daughters that live with me: I am a single dad. I would like to live long enough to see them make it well enough in life,before I enter the gate of heaven,or evolve into where I am going. I hope that I can accomplish this,I am trying and will continue to. What a crime that it is that I know of the cure,but cannot get my hands on it. I was busted ten years ago for growing my own medicine. It went very well for me though,the judge understood the reason that I did what I did,and I had no jail time. Health Canada has sent me the papers for my doctors to sign,but still here,I cannot find one to sign them. I don’t really have the money that it would take to go to another Province, like British Columbia,where probably I could find both a doctor and the oil. My friends mother took five capsules a day,they say you take it for a month,and she was cured even sooner than that. Well,thats my story,a true living story. Thank you.

    • oil is not that difficult to make for yourself. Utube it.
      Also, you can juice the leaves, or dry them and chop fine then make a tea.
      You can make flour and butter from it for baking.
      There are ways to get the CBD’s and CBN’s for you that you need.


  6. Excellent article! One day soon we, the cannabis consumers and the peoples of earth, will be rid of this bane called cannabis prohibition fought through a global War on Drugs, which allows the corporate profiteers to feed of our woes!

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