Barack Obama’s Smoke and Mirrors

Citizens of the World,

As we progress further into the 44th presidency, more and more cannabis activists are coming to understand that Barack Obama is not the hero we’d hoped:

  • He spoke out against the failed War on Drugs in 2004, but his administration has done nothing to alter it’s status, aside from increasing it’s spending and attempting to change it’s name.
  • Having acknowledged the medical benefits of marijuana in an interview with the  Marijuana Policy Project in 2008, he has made no effort to federally reschedule marijuana so that doctors across the country may prescribe it.
  • Even though he vowed in an interview with Oregon’s Mail Tribune in 2008 to respect state medical marijuana laws, he has instead done the opposite, best exemplified by the federal raid of Oaksterdam.
  • After he admitted to using it himself, he has done nothing to reduce the number of Americans in prison for marijuana related “crimes”.

On his original presidential campaign trail, Barack Obama’s mottoes were Change and Hope. On the White House website, one would get this impression that these promises had come to fruition, as his administration claims to practice a “21st Century Drug Policy, reliant upon science, research and evidence”. When comparing Obama’s national drug strategy to that of his predecessor though, this statement falls apart, as little distinction can be made between the two. Apparently we cannot hope for any change from the current U.S. President, when it comes to addressing the many flawed marijuana laws.




Rolling Stone: Obama’s War on Pot
Stop The Drug War: Obama’s 2012 Drug Strategy – The Same Old Same Old


5 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Smoke and Mirrors

  1. Maybe the repubs will start legalizing it just because Obamas current position on the subject. Maybe it’s just a mind trick…. HAHA you’re right about disappointment regarding Marijuana Laws and the hope he gave that doesn’t seem to be coming. It kind of pisses me off too. There are many other areas that have been put on the right track though. The only one’s rich enough to buy elections are the republicans they have way more money on their side but the truth is Romney is pathetic. I don’t know how they chose that guy over Ron Paul just goes to show the repub’s are lost in their greedy heads.
    Marijuana will be legal. We just have to keep pushing the movement is much closer to success then it was 20 years ago. That’s when I started talking about the movement and it started way before then. Time can be frustrating but it is going to happen soon my friends.

  2. “21st Century Drug Policy, reliant upon science, research and evidence” is Obama’s clever way of wordsmithing shyte into a palatable form for the general public to swallow hole. It is up to us, the people, to end the failed policies of cannabis prohibition fought through the War on Drugs by publically stating our commitment and desire to end the insanity.

  3. Obama does what hes told you all have false hope with him but he has already bought the election you can tell . they will fight making it legal for one reason drug companies would loose billions if we self medicate and we can grow it no more pills two hits and 100””””””””’s of illness goes away 80% health problems poor diet and stress no stress live to be 200 i am almost 50 and everyone thinks i am 30 why ? bless myself every morning docs orders eat a good breakfst and enjoy life. we must set the states free from the corruption of the feds then many would make it legal they have before then the fkn feds step in for merc and dow and dupont end the federal gov make the free states of America a republic again. it will happen but many sheep have to be awakened or re purposed for the cause.

  4. omg but he’s a way better president then those republican tea baggers!
    obama promised a lot of things like amnesty and free health care but give him a break! the last president (w. bush) broke the world!! maybe if we vote for obama one more time for president he’ll have a chance to do more <3

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